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Nodac Technology is a Nationwide Leading Direct Distributor of CCTV Security Cameras, Systems,Access Control, Burglar Alarm and Equipment. We offer the HIGHEST Quality Security Cameras and HIGH DEFINITION (DVR) Digital Video Recorders that include Internet and Cell Phone Viewing for your Home and Business. 

WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE our customers with the HIGHEST QUALITY EQUIPMENT, TECH SUPPORT, and Customer Service possible. We are proud that we have exactly 0 complaints with the BBB. All of our Security Cameras and Systems are In-stock and Available for Immediate Shipping. 

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products. All or products come with a Minimum 2 Year Warranty, and Free USA Technical Support. 

Our satisfied customers include Fortune 1000 Companies, Small to Large Size Businesses, Churches, Storage Facilities Restaurants, Convenient Stores, Government, Schools and Universities, Law Enforcement, Airports, Warehouses, a Large Network of CCTV Installers, and Residential Homeowners. 

We have a professional surveillance solution for every type of application. 

Our "Cutting Edge" Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems are "second to none". They include the latest technology, such as the new H.264 Surveillance Digital Video Recorders. This technology is a huge advancement in terms of video storage, live viewing, and internet viewing. All of our cameras are Sony Super HAD Cameras. The Sony Chipset is regarded as perhaps the #1 "brand" in the industry. 


Installing your own system is simple and easy. You can save thousands by doing it yourself. Running the cables is the most time consuming part of your installation, depending on the application. 

Many of our customers do it with a friend or family member, electrician, computer network specialist, or use their IT department at the business. All you simply do is run one wire from the back of the DVR to each individual camera. Whether you are an installer, business, or homeowner you can expect a quality, high definition security system when you use our high-end equipment. 

We provide Toll Free Technical Support, along with an incredible Tech Support Tab on the website that will provide you with specific directions, including installation diagrams, quick start guides, and much more. Whether you are a professional installer or simply doing it yourself, our goal is to provide you with advice from professionals as well as the best customer support in the industry. We look forward to working with you on your security camera installation. 

CCTV Security Camera Systems are used for many reasons including:

•    Burglary prevention
•    Childcare monitoring/”Nanny Cam”
•    Employee surveillance
•    Insurance documentation
•    Theft/Shoplifting prevention
•    After-hours security
•    Monitor vacation home
•    Observe elderly relative
•    Welfare of pets
•    Traffic monitoring
•    Delivery observation
•    Much more!

Benefits of CCTV Security Camera Systems include: 
•    Protection against Shoplifting: In a shop, store or Mall Security Camera Systems automatically deters thieves. This prevents theft from ever occurring. Installing cameras in multiple areas allow the security staff to keep an eye on customers and employees.

•    Protection against Vandalism: Many of our Security Camera Systems are being installed outside businesses and homes. They help by monitoring the exterior of the business and home. Once again, "unwelcome guests" are deterred by the system and the thieves begin to think twice about whether they really want to vandalize the business or home.

•    Footage for investigation: CCTV Security Camera Systems have a great advantage because not only able to digitally record people and potential thieves, you may also view live footage on the internet and cell phone as well as review footage from prior days, weeks, and months.

•    Homeowner Security: CCTV Security Cameras Systems help parents monitor younger children, baby sitters, and even rebellious teens. For many, the home is the most important asset. Have the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

•    Benefit of Low Insurance Premiums: Many insurance companies offer reduced insurance premiums to those that install a CCTV Security System, so don't forget to let them know. This reduces the chances of damage. Insurance rebates range between 3% to 20%, depending on your insurance company.

•    Security Camera Systems are easy to install. More and more business owners are taking advantage of the cost advantage by doing it themselves. Anyone can afford high quality video surveillance as a measure to safeguard their most important assets. A CCTV Security Camera System is just as important as an alarm system when it comes to your overall security and protection. It provides the video needed for the police and authorities.

We look forward to assisting you in your security camera installation. If you have any questions, our technical support team is happy to help at every step along the way. 

Call one of our Security Consultants at 1-866-70-NODAC for recommendations and advice. We will be happy to help you choose the best security camera system for your application.


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