Fort Lauderdale Security Cams


Fort Lauderdale Security Cams

Fort Lauderdale, also called America´s Venice, due to its extensive water channels system, is a very commercial city to which tourist from all over the world continuously arrive to. Therefore, its residents and business people, among others, have felt the need to make out of it a city that provides security not only for the visitors, but also for its residents.

We, at Nodac Technology, offer security cameras according to the needs of each one of our dear customers. Inside and outside cameras, night vision cameras, cameras with audio, with sensors, among others. Our advanced technology allows you to check the place, real time, from wherever you are, via internet.

The security cameras in Fort Lauderdale are the best option the city has to guarantee its residents and tourists their safety, it serves as a back up means for authorities as well as helping those who lose their children or pets.

Fort Lauderdale Surveillance System

When people look for surveillance systems in Fort Lauderdale, they think of Nodac technology because we are one company that ofers the most innovative surveillance systems in the city. We are experts in alarm systems, access control systems, surveillance cameras, fire detectors, among others.

Our innovative technology in surveillance systems allows prompt monitoring, through powerful and efficient hardware and software tools, with top quality, in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. These are modern systems that offer you more precision and safety.

Our systems allow the images and audio from the surveillance cameras to be compressed and transmitted through a network, so that our customers can monitor them from any place with internet access, while you can also make recordings and download the information.


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